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Hi People,

A recap of last weekend’s adventure.
So 7 Oct I had my event. Week leading up to saw 1 player dropout. And no new sign in’s… now I had to find a odd man. Because I’d be unable to, leading DZC games… Thanks to a friend of mine stepping up that was solved!

So now on to prepping. I made DZC armylists, rules packages and NDA’s (Non-Discloser Agreements).
Got all the stuff packed for making terrain, which we didn’t do, because the DZC guys really, really want to play games of BETA v2 😎. (Yea all that prep down the drain, now i just need to make all that terrain myself😅)

Early o’clock on the 7th, I packed the car and headed down and set up the hall by myself.
Which was almost done by 09.00, when my buddy and Arvid(sponsor and retailer) arrived.

All players got there by 09.15 and by 09.30 we all started.
First mission was Alexander(PHR) vs Wietse(UCM), who had a close game.
Alexander is a very calculating player, but when Wietse put down Atmoshperic Bombers in T3, everyone could hear him laugh at the trap he fell for with his corvettes!

Sergio and myself had a slower start, mainly because of me. DZC questions and DFC tactics… (Apparently men can’t multi task…)

Basicly we all had fun. With just 4 of us it was not an official tournament. Still the games where thight fought and enjoyable.

Wietse had done a great paint job of red and white UCM, with grey ATMO craft and he won best painted! Man what a joy to see!

Alexander won 1st place, and remains the Dutch champ!

All in all a fun day! The DZC guys wrote a page of feedback which I passed on to Hawk. Most of it was YES & LOVE IT, just 2 points of change or explain this better. Which is ofcourse great news!

So a final thanks to my sponsors, Imaginative miniatures, Blotz,  and of course Hawk!

I’ll be scouting for a data and location soon enough again. Hopefull after motivating a few more people to leave the safety of their own clubs and attics!




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