Finding Hobby Motivation

So we’ve all been there; a figurative wall or mountain of plastic, resin and metal in front of us and just no motivation to get it completed. It’s unlikely this is the first time you’ve seen someone talking about it and I can guarantee it won’t be the last. So then the question is how does someone defeat the lack of motivation? How is it you find the inspiration to get onto the next project or to complete the existing one.


The first thing you need to accept: is that completing any project is going to take time, whether its because that new ship you need is being released next week or perhaps there’s this exciting new space game you’re dying to get into and just can’t resist any longer. When you’re new to this hobby is so easy to get excited and lost in that evil thing we’ve all come to know as “shiny syndrome” without thinking through your actual hobby progress. Hell, I’m still working through my Kickstarter delivery and I know for a fact I’m not alone.

Point One: if you take on too many projects you’ll likely never finish any of them by the time you’ve lost interest.

Whilst I certainly won’t sit here and suggest that you shouldn’t buy more models the one thing you should be careful of is “Shiny Syndrome”.

It’s a hobbyists best and worst friend, a dreaded curse that befalls any gamer foolish enough to even glance towards the gaming shelves, because at the end of the day you only have so much time in the day.

Point Two: Take a break if you need one, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN

Sounds simple, right? But we’re all guilty of forgetting to pace ourselves. While you may have a huge amount of stuff to do, don’t treat your hobby like a chore, or that’s what it will become.

“But what about my games?”

Look I hate playing with unpainted models as well but the first thing I would look to when it comes to getting yourself motivated is actually having a game. Test out that list, hell proxy something if you really have to (but be reasonable about it). Personally I find nothing motivated me to paint more than seeing the ships I’ve built in a game.


Okay so you’ve tried (You really have!), but that pile is just getting larger and the new starter sets are coming out; there’s always something new to buy. It’s time to sit down and take stock.

Point Three: You’d be surprised how much a simple goal and reward can help you.

Sometimes it helps to have a goal and yes sometimes that goal can be that tournament you’re preparing for. Sometimes that can be for a painting competition of your local game store.

Or maybe you need to be strict with yourself. You can buy that new space ship but only after completing 5 frigates? Set yourself a goal and reward yourself. You can attend that tournament hell you might even come first… But first you have to finish that army, first you have to finish that basing.


And finally its time for me to address that proverbial elephant in the room, not not my horrible dice you horrid little gremlin. Because ultimately sometimes there is one of two facts you might just have to face. The first is simple because some of us simply don’t have the time for the hobby side of these project and I tell you that despite what some may have you believe I want to tell you right here right now that there is no shame in seeking commission painting if that’s what you need to do. If you feel there is value in the money spent do it but do to someone with a decent reputation, ask within your local group. But if this is the route you take you should never under any circumstance base your decision on price alone base your decision on the evidence of the work they’ve done and understand that you will be paying for an artist’s time.

And failing that sometimes, despite everything I’ve said you really do just need to get the work done. So cue the music, turn off that latest episode of Game of Thrones and get that fleet finished. Then once it’s done bring it to House of War and smash face against Jason “The Bruce” in a game, because we all now he’s overdue for a humiliating &b shameless defeat at the gaming table..

– Jason “The Bruce”

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