THLZ Episode 44: Bruce talks about his rod

We continue with phrasing….

Bruce has a Dreadnought, we can hear Peter, and we talk about cards working with Dreadnoughts.


Podcast Breakdown:

The News: 1:41

Hobby Time: 15:28

Game Talk:

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The summer of ‘94 i was initiated and became a N.E.R.D. (Not Even Remotely Dorky… LIES) with Magic The Gathering. Since those were my formative years of high school, I had set myself down a dark path. Fast forward 4 years, and the gateway drug of cardboard crack turned me into a full fledged plastic crack nerd with 40k. Ok it was pewter back then but that was the dark ages of of mini’s gaming. Played Ultra Marines, Chaos Marines, and Eldar, never building much of an army for any of them, was more like a kid in a candy store. About a year-ish later I enlisted in the Marines, and became a heavily armed nerd, insert drooling noise, and got to see the release of the Tau at the San Diego comic con. While spending some time as government property, I then went further down the rabbit’s hole and got into D&D 2nd edition. Upon my discharge in September of 2003 I dabbled with school and work and whatever time I wasn’t sleeping at the FLGS, The Jester’s Court. Sometime in 2004, I became part of The Jester’s Court, that’s right folks I was king nerd. Took a voluntary hiatus from nerding and bing king nerd in 2005, I.E. got married… As soon as my marriage went down the crapper 2015, I turned back to my drug of choice, being a nerd and doing plastic crack. The addiction started with Dropzone Commander with you guessed it, Shaltari. The game never took off in my sleepy little town, so I turned to Warhammer Fantasy, Dwarfs, and War Machine, Protectorate of Menoth. Games Workshop killed Fantasy and released Sigmar without point values, and I rage quited for a while, picture the drunk uncle at Thanksgiving, but didn’t light my army on fire. Oh and yea War Machine died off as well. Then Dropfleet commander was released and as par for the course I picked up Shaltari, got involved in a podcast you may have heard of and have been playing the game since. For the most part. And since Games Workshop decided to put points back into Sigmar, I dust the Dwarfs off, and now have started removing the paint from them, picked up Stormcast Eternals, and Fyre Slayers as well. Oh and with the release of 8th edition 40k, I’m now doing Space Wolves. So much crack, yes so much crack… I may need a 12 step program…

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