Custom shipbuilder with Dreadnoughts anyone?

Hello Admirals,

Worked on this of and on and got feedback, and time is finaly here to show it! Destroyers and Dreadnoughts, plus lessons learned. We also got a bit distraced with all the cool the builds people posted on Facebook.
Like mr. Coopers, laser bombardment dreadnought!

Nathan Cooper: UCMF: The Cure

I’ve pointed it up, a “standard” UCMF Dreadnought has 12 slots + 2 CAW, basecost’s 180 pts
Pts   Slots
4x Laser turret        120    4
1x Core 4200’s         50    3
4x Bombardment     20    2
2x UF 9000               80    3
2x Pair 4200 L/R       30    2
Leviathan Bays         30    2CAW
Totaal:    510   14 + 2CAW
So it uses more than it’s base slots, not a problem, as you can add slots… at a cost.
The Cure loses 2″Thrusts and gains 4″ Signature. It also becomes extra explosive +2 on the Catastrophic Damage table and range . The Laser turrets add another +1 to that.  So go have a read!

Here’s the PDF for easy ready on your smartphone’s:  Shipbuilder Beta 2.1.3

Here is the link for the Excel document, you can add comments in it!

Or just mail it directly. Let this be a community project!


James, Damion & Michel

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