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Levi Duncan
Forum Name: Guardian

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I started my tabletop wargaming career like most of the others out there – with Warhammer 40K. I picked up Tau as my first army during my third year of high school. Couldn’t find anybody to really get a game with and ended up selling them before college. I then found a really nice FLGS near campus and spent a lot of time there, eventually buying a Protectorate of Menoth army during the MKII edition of the game. I played that for quiet a long time. During then my store received a shipment of Hawk’s first child – Dropzone Commander. I was able to talk a few locals to spend some cash and buy a starter box. I immediately gravitated towards Shaltari. We played a few pick up games between three of us but not a whole lot came about the store. During my college years I also picked up Android: Netrunner (a living card game), and Star Wars Armada. Between WMH, Netrunner, and SWA the store locals didn’t have much interest in Dropzone, but I loved the models and lore so much I held onto the models.

Once I graduated college I moved out to Wichita, KS to work for one of the aircraft companies out there. I poked around a few of the LGS there and found a VERY small group of Dropzone Commander players *cough* Cpt. Socks *cough*. We played Dropzone weekly and I actually created a few battle reports out of it and posted them to my YouTube Channel. During this time I picked a sizable Scourge ground force (which I still need to paint. /cry)

When the Dropfleet Commander KS was closing was when I heard about it – but Jason allowed me to piggy back off of his pledge. So thank you Jason A. The instant we got our first part of the pledge we assembled our fleets (again, I picked up Shaltari) and started playing. Around this time is when I joined The HotLZ podcast as it was starting. We played for a few months for every weekend, but I had an opportunity to move my career to Nashville, TN. So I sadly had to leave Jason and the community we worked really hard to grow. So now I’m in Nashville, TN playing as much Dropfleet as I can, although there is not much of a consistent community here…. yet – I have plans to change that. But in the time between my Dropfleet games I mostly play Guild Ball (My main guild is Engineers, and I just recently picked up the Farmers Guild and the Blacksmiths guild.) I also have a small grove of Sylvaneth for Age of Sigmar, and am looking to pick 40K back up now that 8th edition is out.

So if you live near the Nashville, TN area or may be passing through do not hesitate to reach out to me and ask for a game! I’d be more than happy to make room to get a game in.

George Lucy
Forum Name: GeorgeFromWy

The summer of ‘94 i was initiated and became a N.E.R.D. (Not Even Remotely Dorky… LIES) with Magic The Gathering. Since those were my formative years of high school, I had set myself down a dark path. Fast forward 4 years, and the gateway drug of cardboard crack turned me into a full fledged plastic crack nerd with 40k. Ok it was pewter back then but that was the dark ages of of mini’s gaming. Played Ultra Marines, Chaos Marines, and Eldar, never building much of an army for any of them, was more like a kid in a candy store. About a year-ish later I enlisted in the Marines, and became a heavily armed nerd, insert drooling noise, and got to see the release of the Tau at the San Diego comic con. While spending some time as government property, I then went further down the rabbit’s hole and got into D&D 2nd edition.

Upon my discharge in September of 2003 I dabbled with school and work and whatever time I wasn’t sleeping at the FLGS, The Jester’s Court. Sometime in 2004, I became part of The Jester’s Court, that’s right folks I was king nerd. Took a voluntary hiatus from nerding and bing king nerd in 2005, I.E. got married… As soon as my marriage went down the crapper 2015, I turned back to my drug of choice, being a nerd and doing plastic crack.

The addiction started with Dropzone Commander with you guessed it, Shaltari. The game never took off in my sleepy little town, so I turned to Warhammer Fantasy, Dwarfs, and War Machine, Protectorate of Menoth. Games Workshop killed Fantasy and released Sigmar without point values, and I rage quited for a while, picture the drunk uncle at Thanksgiving, but didn’t light my army on fire. Oh and yea War Machine died off as well.

Then Dropfleet commander was released and as par for the course I picked up Shaltari, got involved in a podcast you may have heard of and have been playing the game since. For the most part. And since Games Workshop decided to put points back into Sigmar, I dust the Dwarfs off, and now have started removing the paint from them, picked up Stormcast Eternals, and Fyre Slayers as well. Oh and with the release of 8th edition 40k, I’m now doing Space Wolves.

So much crack, yes so much crack… I may need a 12 step program…

Jason “Captain Socks” Argyle
Forum Name: Captain Socks

I grew up playing various tactical and strategic board games like Risk and Axis and Allies throughout high school from 1997-2001. From there my love of gaming as I was introduced to Flames of War in 2006. I had wanted to get into tabletop gaming, but fantasy and sci-fi themes did not appeal to me as I loved history. The group I played with was great and showed me how much fun purchasing, assembling, and painting gaming miniatures were. I expounded into Wings of War (precursor to Wings of Glory) and continued my love of board games by purchasing games like Twilight Imperium 3rd Ed., Civilization, Tide of Iron, and other similar games.

I also started playing the Axis and Allies aerial and naval miniatures games and really enjoyed those. I used a ruleset by Mongoose Publishing called Victory at Sea to take all my naval miniatures into the realm of tabletop gaming.  I eventually broke the mold of getting out of true historical games and got into the steampunk historical game of Dust Tactics/Warfare. Fast forward to 2012 when I graduated college and commissioned as an officer in the Air Force and I was sent to England until 2015. While I was there I expanded my game collection with X-Wing, Star Wars Armada, Sails of Glory, Bolt Action, and Firestorm Armada (my wife hates me because of all the space these all take). A friend of mine that I played Bolt Action and X-wing with picked up the starter set for Dropzone 1.1 and from their, my love of Hawk Wargames began.

I picked up a Shaltari and PHR armies and absolutely loved them. I played in the Invasion Tournament in 2015 and was the only Shaltari player to bring two Ocelot’s to the table. I placed 6th out of 42 in my first ever sanctioned tournament and I was really happy about that. My family and I moved back to the states in 2015 and when I heard about the Kickstarter for Dropfleet I started selling my Firestorm Armada and using the money I received to pledge both at the Commander and Commodore levels.

Like everyone else I patiently awaited for the game to be released but in the meantime I was playing Dropzone Commander at my FLGS and this is where fellow cast member, Levi “, and I met. The two of tried to grow the Dropzone community and it started to pick up a little while we waited for the Kickstarter “crack” to show up. I assembled UCM and PHR for Dropfleet while he picked up Shaltari and Scourge. The Dropfleet community was growing somewhat well with a lot of new players picking up their product and getting their own Kickstarter product. Unfortunately, Levi had to move due to career opportunities. However, the community is still growing and if you’re in the Wichita, KS area come stop by and I’ll be happy to get a game in.

Jason “The Bruce” Grubb
Forum Name: the_13th

Wargamming came to me later in life compared to most people I know but I love it no less, although I admittedly first discover it late 1990’s it wasn’t until 2013 that I truly ventured into it.
My first game like many others was 40k, I never played Fantasy but some of the races I do love, the Skaven are just all kinds of awesome and the team I first chose in Bloodbowl (quickly followed by Chaos Dwarves). I played 2 seasons of Bloodbowl before stepping away, I do enjoy parts of the game but find other parts a chore. From there my interest started to seek out something different, Infinity caught my eye for not just the models but the game as well, despite my strong hatred for metal models and the fact Ive barely played it I still collect the game today.
I credit Malifaux for helping me improve my painting quality as far as character models are concerned I honestly feel that Wyrd are one of the best in the business, the fact that every model is a character really pushed you to put time and effort into them and its extremely rewarding.

In all honestly I do hobby much more than I do play which is something I am trying to fix but on most days your more likely to see me at the painting table than in front of one of the gaming tables. I keep myself busy with multiple inspiring games and models Warhammer 40k )Blood Angels), Malifaux (Gremlins, Arcanists & Neverborn), Kings of War(Abyssal Dwarfs), Infinity (Nomads & Yu Jing) Batman: The Miniatures Game (Penguin), Dropfleet Commander (UCM & Scourge), Hordes (Grymkin & Minions) & RumbleSlam (Orcs). And as far as games of choice are concerned it would be Dropfleet, Malifaux & Kings of War.

My own worst critic, renounced roller of bruces & notorious hater of all metal models I am Jason “The Bruce” also known as “the_13th” on the Hawk forums (which I need to be more active on.)

Peter Tobin
Forum Name: Hrimfaxi

Came to wargaming a bit late with my post-college friends sometime around 2010 after a dubious flirtation with the hobby involving Eldar in the mid 90’s. Warmachine/Hordes was my poison of choice from then.  (Warning:  If you aren’t familiar with Warmachine, the rest of the paragraph is eminently skippable.)  I played Protectorate of Menoth at start of the turn to Mk II, and after a few years of Protectorate getting stale (why for the love of the Creator of Man couldn’t Protectorate get a release that shot straight?) I picked up the Legion of Everblight for a change of pace (Holy Mother of Dragons, I can assassinate now without Kreoss 1!) and played them as well up to the release of the Convergence of Cyriss which was all that I hoped for in a Faction (besides a solution for Body and Soul) and proceeded to play all three until the release of Mk III.  Then I sold/traded all my Factions because, hey, Mk III, and picked up Retribution of Scyrah which I’m failing at spectacularly to the present era.

Amidst all that a friend of mine asked if I was interested in a science fiction game and referred me to Dropzone Commander.  Incidentally I’d already been exposed to the game just from the media and thought that it looked exquisite, so it wasn’t much of a hard sell to get me onboard with a full complement of Shaltari.

*This was to prove a mistake.*

For those of you with fond memories of 1.0 Shaltari, (Congratulations!) you are walking examples of a neat cognitive trick that allows you to gloss over exactly how awful things in the past were. My merely putting them on the table in a demo game, (even losing!) almost made a man quit the game entirely after one fight.  My local players were still kind enough to play me but I could see the soul siphoning horror glinting in the corner of their eyes each time a Jaguar survived their attack run… again.  You’d think that things got better with 1.1, the nerfs, and the release of a few models, but I can refute that with two words:  Firedrake, Caiman.  My reign of terror continued to the point where I legitimately felt bad playing so I invested into the Scourge and proceeded to handily get my posterior gently relocated to between my external acoustic meati.

Oh, I also picked up the Hunters’ and Masons’ Guilds for Guild Ball for reasons around this time slice, although I’ve not played since Season 3.

Around this time I’d hear rumors, whispers, clandestine exchanges in the Dark Corners of the Earth about a new game, a wondrous game, the miraculous of confluence of Hawk aesthetic design and Andy Chambers rules that would truly be the One.  I’ve enjoyed the concept of fleet battles and especially submarine warfare since the haloed days of 688 Attack Sub and our Star Blazers. (Bonus points if you read that last bit in the theme song)  Suffice to say I backed the Kickstarter and was lucky enough to be one of the early U.S. backers to receive their pledge.  Spoiling everything known to man ensued which was how I hooked up with HotLZ, and the rest you’ve likely heard on the podcast.

Damion Spearman


Michel Goulmy
Forum Name: Thunderboy

It was a long long time ago.

I walked into a FLGS called “Spelkwartier”, (Dutch for “Resess”, lit. Playingquarter, as thats how many minutes we got)
There I saw that you could also play a game with minitures instead of them just collecting dust. A 40k demo later, I was hooked.
It was a nice way to get out of the house and meet people of all ages.
The terrain in the shops gaming area was mostly scratch built. And was maintained by a ragtag group of a club.
Which I helped now and again to paint some up. I did a bit of scratch building at home. A few hills and a big bunker when cityfight was released. I also got a grant from our Airforce to start gliding. And got into that as well. Add to that turning 16… the legal age to drink beer… back then. And my gaming time and money got scarce for obvious reasons. Just played now and again.
Signed up a year after high school, f’ed up. Got a second chance. Got injured. Went to a broken bodies platoon. Found a college in the same city and a GW open 100 yards from my former barracks.
So I got back in the hobby a bit more again. Joined a club and built 2 boards full of winter terrain for the club, and a Tau outpost for my own army. Dropzone Commander caught my eye during the building of that terrain. A marriage, a move and 2 editions of 40k further. I started DZC in full. Went to Invasion ’15. And became a Talon.
I dumped my 40k and went Commodore on the DFC kickstarter. Got to go the DFC Beta in Germany, because of “Admiral” Derek Ho. And here i am, a Hawk fan and in love with gaming again!